New Portfolio Pictures – My First Wedding

Well, it’s official. I’ve done a wedding. I guess I can’t really say I’m a wedding photographer but I feel as though I’ve hit a big milestone fairly quickly in a hobby I only took up 2 and 1/2 years ago. The conditions weren’t ideal (think 12:30pm in full sun), but it was fun and very educational. And boy did I get burnt. My arms are still peeling. I’ve uploaded some of my favorite pictures to my portfolio site.

A little background to how this all started. Well back in January (or so) I was asked by some friends from church to photograph their daughter’s wedding.  I was initially hesitant but after several conversations with them regarding my very very very amateur photographer status, they still insisted that they wanted me to do take the photos. So I agreed.

After agreeing, I read and read and read all I could about wedding photography. I even spent time on 2 separate temple trips to take some sample photographs. One session was just with Tara (see photos here) and another was with some friends of ours from the ward that we have a babysitting swap with (see photos here). A lot of the photos are not very good but some are ok.

I have an ok camera. It’s not a professional camera by any stretch but it was sufficient for our family picture needs. However, I felt that I was lacking in the lens department. So, I went on craigslist and found a nice Nikon 17-55 2.8 DX lens (only professional-grade DX format lens Nikon makes, btw). It was expensive but well worth it. I have almost exclusively used it since I purchased it. I also bought a battery grip, light stands and umbrellas. It all turned out to be very useful during the shoot. However, I’m afraid that I was still severely lacking in equipment. Specifically, I was wishing for a second camera and a 70-200 2.8 lens. Luckily, another aspiring photographer was with me on the shoot and brought those.

I guess the big question is would I do it again? Yes, I think I would.

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