Watching Robin Rood

At our house, the Robin Hood Disney cartoon is synonymous with nap time. When Katie was very young, Tara and I would put it on, start watching it and fall asleep. In fact, we’d always seem to fall asleep by the “Love is a many splendid thing” song. Those of you who’ve seen the show will be familiar with the song. It’s the one in the fireflies in the forest.

Well, anyway… It’s been years since we’ve watched the show but today, Katie earned a reward and wanted to watch a family movie for her reward. What she said was classic. “I want to watch Robin Hood. It’s been forever since we’ve seen that one…. (to mommy) And you and dad have to fall asleep during the movie ’cause that’s what you always do during that movie.”

So, we watched Robin Hood. And Tara and I feel asleep on the couch during the movie like we’re supposed to. All was right in Katie’s world.

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