Musicals on Sunday Afternoon

One family tradition that we have kept alive are good musicals. Santa brings a new one in our Christmas box every year. This past year he brought Newsies. We watched it later that day and the kids loved it.

The reason why I am writing about this tradition is that right now, we are watching “On the Town”. It was one Santa brought a few years back. This time we popped some “kermal” popcorn to go along with out movie. It was yummy. It’s amazing how fast it goes. Butter popcorn goes slightly less fast.

During the movie, Katie made the comment, “That one guy looks like the guy on ‘Singing in the Rain’.” I smiled and informed her that it was the same guy. I don’t know why it made me smile, maybe because I grew up on musicals and I know how much they meant to me and my mom while I was growing up. I remember many an afternoon sitting with my mom watching a musical (often with her falling asleep halfway through the movie). I think it brought her the same joy it brings me today.

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